7 Out Of 10 Safest Cities Located Pro-2A and Constitutional Carry States

Multiple studies confirm that Democrat-controlled cities, which usually have the most oppressive gun laws, are the most unsafe. Since we know which cities to avoid, what about a study on the safest cities? Can such a study confirm what we already know about firearms and overall security? Surprisingly, it does.

WalletHub compared 182 metropolitan areas on a range of issues to create a safety ranking for urban centers across the United States.

According to the study, half of the cities are in constitutional carry states, while two urban centers, Plano, TX, and Raleigh, NC, are located in pro-2A states. Similarly, only two cities Maryland, MD, and Virginia Beach, VA, are in undebatable gun-controlled states. Salem, OR, has local laws prohibiting open carry while the state allows public display of firearms.

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California with its strictest gun laws had two cities San Bernardino (180/182) and Los Angeles (172/182) at the bottom. Other states that humiliated anti-gunners include Oakland and Washington, D.C. at 165 and 160 respectively.

List of top ten safest cities according to WalletHub

1. Columbia, Maryland (gun controlled)

2. South Burlington, Vermont (constitutional carry)

3. Plano, Texas (Pro-2A)

4. Nashua, New Hampshire (constitutional carry)

5. Lewiston, Maine (constitutional carry)

6. Burlington, Vermont (constitutional carry)

7. Salem, Oregon (Gun controlled in Salem because of the lack of strong preemption laws)

8. Virginia Beach, Virginia (gun controlled)

9. Raleigh, Northern Carolina (Pro-2A)

10. Gilbert, Arizona (constitutional carry)

The results are significant for several reasons. Firstly, they blast the myth that more firearms make a city more dangerous to live in. If that was the case, none of the cities in the constitutional carry, or gun-friendly states would make it to the list.

Secondly, having 7 out of 10 cities located in pro-2A states strengthens the argument that guns make the cities safer.

WalletHub considered several factors including Home and Community Safety, Financial Safety, Natural Disaster Risk, among others. However, it's hardly a coincidence that pro-gun cities occupied the top 7 out of 10 while anti-gun states such as California ranked poorly.

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