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A Wisconsin Court Sets Bail For Kyle Rittenhouse's Release

A Wisconsin court set Kyle Rittenhouse’s bail in its first hearing since an Illinois court handed over the teen to face charges originating from the Kenosha shooting. The court’s commissioner set the bond for the Antioch teen at $2 million.

Illinois extradited Rittenhouse immediately after the court ruled that it had no powers to decide on the validity of Rittenhouse’s charges. The teen faces first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree reckless homicide, possession of a firearm by a minor, and other charges.

Rittenhouse’s lawyers fought against the extradition orders fearing for his safety. They said that the 17-year old would be locked in an adult facility, thus exposing him to potentially life-threatening conditions.

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However, Kenosha County sheriff’s department indicated that he would be held in juvenile detention within the facility. Before extradition, Rittenhouse was held in an Illinois juvenile detention center without bail.

An earlier investigation revealed that Rittenhouse wouldn’t face charges in Illinois because the firearm used in Kenosha was bought, stored, and used in Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse is accused of shooting three men during Jacob Blake’s protest, a black man shot by police after ignoring police orders and trying to reach for an object from his car.

Rittenhouse surrendered to the police but was not arrested, leading anti-gun activists to cry foul. However, Kenosha police Chief Daniel Miskinis asserted that there was no reason to arrest the teen at that moment.

“We have armed individuals out protesting, or counter-protesting, or simply walking around exercising their right, [and] will put their hands up,” Miskinis said. “It might have been abnormal two weeks ago. It’s no longer abnormal. There’s nothing to suggest this individual was involved in criminal behavior.”

Other evidence shows one of the slain Rittenhouse attackers, Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, chasing the teen and trying to grab his gun. Another attacker, Anthony Huber, 26, tried to crack the teen’s head with a skateboard, while the juvenile fell onto the ground while escaping mobs baying for his blood. Huber, who was a convicted felon, also tried to grab Rittenhouse’s rifle.

Another instigator, Joshua Ziminski, 35, was detained for disorderly conduct misuse of a dangerous weapon, but was cleared of reckless endangerment despite shooting a firearm in a crowd causing mass hysteria and stampede.

Rittenhouse’s lawyers insist that Rittenhouse used his firearm in self-defense and that his charges are politically instigated. Given the circumstances surrounding the event, it is evident that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.


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