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Action Required! Several Pro-2A Bills Filed In Texas. Here's How You Can Help

Bloomberg-funded anti-gunners, including the gun control sugarbaby, Wendy Davis, failed terribly. Davis benefitted from gun control campaign money which she would repay by supporting more gun control.

Although Davis failed, those who succeeded continue to wage an unrelenting campaign against our constitutional rights. Several gun control bills are ready for the upcoming legislative session.

While these bills are likely to fail on the floor, we cannot take chances. Anti-gunners can find also find ways to block pro-2A bills, taking forcing us to wait until the next legislative session.

Additionally, despite celebrating being a gun-friendly state, we are still miles away from achieving the Second Amendment dream. Other states with even more anti-gun opposition managed to pass various pro-2A bills that we can only dream about in Texas.

For example, most states (31) already allow permitless open carry while another 17 allow permitless concealed carry of a handgun. Additionally, Texas still maintains a list of state-sanctioned “gun free” zones.

Despite being a pro-gun majority legislature for many years but issues like constitutional carry are still a dream in Texas.

This time, we must make sure that “gun free” zones are gone, and constitutional carry is enacted.

Meanwhile, You can donate to our cause or join the fight by becoming a member.

Do you support Constitutional Carry? If so, please take 30 seconds and sign this petition. We need your help restoring Gun Rights in Texas!

Currently, several pro-2A bills were pre-filed to expand gun rights in the Lone Star State. They include:

  • HB 26 and HB 340: Emergency Powers Protection bills that curtail the governor’s authority to control firearms and ammunition during emergencies or disasters. State Reps. Valoree Swanson and Briscoe Cain filed the two bills, respectively.

  • HB 112: Federal Firearms Protection: the bill prohibits Texas from enforcing federal gun laws enacted after January 1, 2021. State Rep. Steve Toth filed the bill. This bill is important to protect Texans from a future anti-gun administration.

  • HB 336: Anti-Red Flag Law bill that prevents Texas from enacting the arbitrary firearm confiscation laws based on the mere accusation of being a danger to self and others. Briscoe Cain filed the bill.

  • We also wanted to note that our Constitutional Carry bill will be filed shortly. We'll notify you when it's been assigned a bill number.

Your effort is required to ensure these bills will pass during the 87th legislative session. It’s time we walk the talk and enact laws that will expand our gun rights. Contact your legislator and tell them to support the pro-2A bills and oppose the gun control measures.


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