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Action Required! The Largest Assault On The Second Amendment Rights In TX - Dozens Of Bills Filed

Anti-gunners introduced a slew of gun control bills in the Lone Star State in one of the most vicious assaults on our Second Amendment rights. During the prefiling session on Monday, the Bloomberg bought legislators introduced over three dozen anti-gun bills.

These measures include every failed textbook gun control law such as the repeal of the Castle Doctrine, banning private firearm sales, red flag laws, assault weapons ban, among other horrendous restrictions.

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Here are some of the most appalling gun control measures introduced in Texas House.

House Bill 52 & House Bill 245 ban private firearm sales at gun shows. The bill will impose criminal responsibility and a fee.

House Bill 118 bans firearm transfers between family members and friends. Such transactions will require the individuals to obtain a Federal Firearm License (FFL), fill federal paperwork to seek government approval, and pay a fee. This is one of the most invasive bills filed in our gun-friendly state.

House Bill 127 bans open carry for long guns with limited exceptions. The bill would introduce criminal liability for exercising one’s constitutionally guaranteed rights. The bill was introduced by Lina Ortega (D-77).

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House Bill 164 & House Bill 395 The bill introduces gun confiscation orders without due process through the red flag laws. House Bill 164 was introduced by Terry Meza (D-105) while House Bill 395 was sponsored by Joe Moody (D- 78).

House Bill 172 & House Bill 241 An “assault weapons” ban prohibiting the possession or transfer of commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms.

House Bill 178 & House Bill 234 A large-capacity” magazine ban prohibiting the possession, ownership, or sale of magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Criminals are not bound by this restriction and will pack to maximum capacity, making them unstoppable.

House Bill 185 Gun storage laws forcing gun owners to store firearms in locked cabinets, cases, or safes. These laws make firearms inaccessible when desperately needed thus endangering the lives of gun owners.

House Bill 196 Repeals the Castle Doctrine, and the "Stand Your Ground" laws. It will be the responsibility of the gun owner to retreat from criminals giving them enough space to commit their crimes. Firearms will be rendered useless since they can’t be used for actual self-defense during an attack. The law cares for the safety of the criminal at the expense of the law-abiding citizen’s life.

House Bill 201 Prohibits firearm ownership in institutions of higher learning. The law will turn institutions of higher learning into sitting ducks for armed criminals to attack easily without facing any potential resistance.

Democrats want to impose the same policies that failed to protect schools into our universities. You can expect mass shootings in the universities to rise if the bill becomes law. You have to act now to protect our children.

House Bill 231 raises the minimum age to buy a firearm and introduces more restrictions to gun ownership and transfer.

House Bill 236 gives businesses more powers to irregularly ban concealed carry permit holders from taking a gun.

House Bill 238 repeals the state preemption laws giving local authorities the power to create their own gun laws. This would lead to the proliferation of a labyrinth of gun laws that are difficult to track, navigate, or comply with. Law-abiding citizens would become felons just for crossing city limits.


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