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Amnesty International: Suspend Open Carry Gun Laws In Public Places

Amnesty International USA began meddling in our internal affairs even before the elections started. Now the human rights advocacy group wants authorities to suspend open carry until the election disputes are resolved.

Amnesty says there are “public threats of and incitement to violence, including from police and public officials, posing risks to public safety and human rights.”

The advocacy group says it’s monitoring the situation, with experts on the ground to document cases of incitement and threats of violence. Amnesty recommends a ban on open carry during the vote-counting period.

“Permissive open carry laws and armed groups pose a risk to public safety and the human rights of others,” Amnesty's statement read. “There should be emergency measures put in place to temporarily suspend open-carry gun laws in public places until public safety can be assured.”

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A month ago, Amnesty advised state governments to ban firearms at polling places, claiming that Black and Latinx voters were vulnerable to armed intimidation.

“Secretaries of State across the country can institute temporary measures to guarantee that polling places are free of the threat of gun violence,” Amnesty said in October.

Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson issued orders to ban open carry within 100 meters of polling places. However, Judge Christopher Murray of the Michigan Court of Claims blocked the orders forcing Ms. Benson and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel to appeal. Michigan court of appeals upheld the previous ruling forcing the duo to move to the state Supreme Court.

Amnesty International USA advocates the violation of law-abiding citizens’ rights in anticipation of criminals breaking the law. As Judge Murray pointed, there were specific laws to deal with armed intimidation. Consequently, a ban on open carry was unnecessary.

Similarly, there are laws to deal with troublemakers attempting to intimidate fellow citizens using firearms during the election results’ stalemate. The only problem is that such laws do not apply to violent protesters who are allowed to loot, vandalize, and harass Americans without any consequences.

“Police must facilitate the right to peaceful protest, de-escalate tensions and not meet protesters with violence and excessive force,” Amnesty recommended.

Currently, there are no election-related violent protests, even as Americans demonstrate to protect the vote. Demonstrations only turn violent when Leftist protesters and counter-protesters infiltrated by violent groups such as Antifa and BLM go out on the streets. Police should be allowed to deal with such groups to ensure the security of peaceful protesters.


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