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Amy Swearer Educates Congress With Facts

During the recent Congressional Hearing on a proposal to ban “assault rifles”, the Senior Legal Policy Analyst at Heritage Foundation, Amy Swearer, took a moment to educate the Congress on gun violence.

Ms. Swearer pointed out that the factors distinguishing “assault weapons” from “non-assault weapons” were non-technical and did not include factors such as the firearm capacity, lethality or rate of fire. She pointed out that the proposals to ban weapons relied on “scary features” such as barrel shrouds or pistol grabs.

According to her, banning such features would only make the affected weapons more difficult to handle resulting in unintended injuries while used for self-defense. She also pointed out that such laws would only endanger the lawful gun owners since criminals would not abide by them.

During the hearing, Ms. Swearer revealed the following shocking statistics that the media and gun control extremists tend to cover-up.

  • Ninety percent (90%) of firearm-related crimes in the country took place using a handgun

  • Only 3-4% of all homicides any type of rifle

  • People were 4 times more likely to be stabbed to death than being shot by any firearm of any kind

  • Fifty percent (50%) of all mass shootings involved the use of a handgun, and not the vilified AR-15 or AK-47 rifle, while the rest 50% involved all the other types of firearms.

Swearer acknowledged that the AR-15 rifle was so efficient in civilian self-defense scenarios such that the homeland department had designated the rifle as the default weapon for law enforcement officers. She added that the rifle was very efficient in self-defense, especially in situations where the criminals outnumbered the victim or the victim did not have proper training on handling weapons.

Swearer explained how her mother had problems using a handgun during self-defense classes, but performed better with an AR-15 rifle.

“… I hope politicians protected by professional armed security didn’t strip her the right to use the firearm she can handle most competently,” Swearer added.

Swearer also highlighted that should the proposed bill become law, millions of law-abiding citizens would become felons overnight for simply owning firearms with “scary features."

Sign our petition against gun control, and join LSGR to help our fight! The gun control groups use emotions to get their messaging across, and it is incredibly effective. We must stop the spread of their lies if we are to not only stop more gun control, but also to repeal existing infringements on our natural rights.

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