Anti-Gun Billionaire Demands Access to Restricted Firearm Data

An anti-gun billionaire wants the government to grant him access to sensitive firearm data to use for gun control propaganda purpose. He also wants to invade the privacy of firearm owners to collect more data for similar purposes. The presumptuous billionaire also proposes the declaration of firearms as a national health epidemic.

John and Laura Arnold, the owners of Arnold Ventures, commissioned the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago to set data strategy for federal and state governments. His organization intends to define new methods of collecting and sharing firearm data.

“The expert panel recommends that the federal government conduct a regular review to be made public of the accessibility of key firearms data,” the Blueprint for a U.S. Firearms Data Infrastructure report recommends.

The panel demands access to the NIBRS, NVDRS, NICS, NEISS, HCUP, ATF Trace, ATF new firearms and firearm transactions, and the GSS data. This data, for example, the ATF Trace data, is restricted because its primary purpose is to assist in the investigations.

Releasing the data would compromise ongoing investigations and endanger the witnesses and law enforcement officers. Additionally, the data is not designed for public policy analysis.

The anti-gun billionaire also wants to implement a semi-annual random household survey of Americans’ firearm ownership. Questions include the number and type of firearms owned and storage practices.

NORC also wants to know whether the family members “store away [firearms] from home or take other steps to restrict access when a family member is at risk for suicide or misuse.”

This query is a leading question that will lead to the researchers concluding that “red flag laws” were necessary.

However, gun owners do not wish to divulge personal information to an anti-gun entity, opposed to their rights. This reason is why we don’t have a gun registry.

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The panel also recommends integrating public health and criminal justice data. The group says that linking the two datasets would allow the implementation of “syndromic surveillance.”

“Syndromic systems collect and monitor real-time data to generate alerts and monitor indicators to detect outbreaks of dangerous firearm use that cannot be otherwise observed,” the group claims.

This initiative is a plot by the anti-gun group to misinterpret the data and declare firearms as a public health crisis.

Other suspicious suggestions include the removal of disclaimers prohibiting interpretation of the data. The ATF data includes these disclaimers because the data is incomplete and is not designed for public policy determination.

Attempting to analyze incomplete data would lead to wrong results and hence wrong firearm policy. However, the anti-gun group does not consider the accuracy or completeness of the data.

They also want to include data for “ghost guns” and DIY kits. Anti-gunners claim that data on these items is missing and that they are impossible to trace.

“These are firearm parts sold as kits that allow users to assemble their own semi-automatic or automatic firearm without any tracing through manufacturers or FFLs,” the report says.

However, law enforcement always records the number of “ghost guns” found when reporting the number of illegal guns recovered. Similarly, the FBI includes the number of people killed using such devices. Ghost guns are traceable using standard methods such as fingerprints. Moreover, there is no proliferation of “ghost guns” as the anti-gun activists claim.

The group presents itself as well-intended and concerned about the safety of Americans. However, all indications suggest that the group has a premeditated motive to market dishonest gun control. It only needs data to manipulate to justify its opposition to gun ownership.

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