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Anti-Gun Groups Gloat Over Biden's Disputed Victory After Duping Americans To Vote For Him

Gun control groups shielded Biden from the gun debate at the height of the campaign. The groups even diversified their message to include other issues such as the COVID-19 response, healthcare, and the environment. They did their best to avoid rocking the boat and putting their gun control tsar at a disadvantage amidst the record-breaking firearm ownership numbers.

The highly treacherous groups also defended Biden’s 2A record while claiming to have gun owners within their ranks. However, after his alleged victory at the polls, they crawled out of the woodwork to publicly celebrate gun control victory.

The Brady Campaign reminded Americans of Biden's efforts in passing the “assault weapons” ban bill. They also pointed out that Biden could issue an Executive Order to redefine the term "firearm" and regulate unfinished gun parts including receivers, and other non-firearm components. They also menacingly waved Biden’s sign captioned "Ban Assault Weapons Now."

"As a senator, Joe Biden passionately joined Jim and Sarah Brady in shepherding the bipartisan Brady Bill through Congress and passing a federal assault weapons ban," Brady Campaign issued a statement.

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Everytown for Gun Safety also joined to celebrate Biden’s alleged victory. The group lauded Biden for declaring gun violence as a "public health" crisis and pushing for various gun control measures.

Bloomberg's group praised him for proposing the enactment of universal background checks and red flag laws, and banning "ghost guns" and “assault weapons.” They also praised him for planning to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).

"Together, they represented the strongest presidential gun safety ticket in history," Everytown's statement read.

The Bloomberg-owned gun control group also praised Mark Kelly, the Democrat candidate who unseated Republican Martha McSally in Arizona. Everytown waged a 630 days unrelenting campaign costing about $3.8 million on a single Senate seat.

“Everytown is proud to count Mark Kelly as a longtime partner, and we’re excited to help him and his new colleagues in the Senate pass long-overdue federal gun safety laws," Everytown's president, John Feinblatt, said.

The former Congresswoman and Giffords co-founder, Gabrielle Giffords praised Biden, describing him as a "president who has the empathy to be a transformative leader during the difficult days ahead."

The group’s statement said that Biden and Harris “have both proven they have the courage to take on the gun lobby and stand up for gun safety.”

The group also celebrated John Hickenlooper’s victory against Senator Cory Gardner in Colorado. They described his victory as a triumph over “corporate gun lobby’s extremist agenda and dark money.”

Gun control groups can now gloat over their victories after carrying out a successful campaign of deception against the American people.

Any gun owner who voted for Biden or any other Democrat, after believing their claims of supporting the Second Amendment rights, should consider themselves as deceived.


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