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Apple Chief Of Security Indicted In Santa Clara Concealed Carry Graft

Apple Security Chief was indicted on bribery charges in a new case related to the Santa Clara concealed carry corruption. A grand jury found Thomas Moyer, 50, accountable for allegedly promising to donate 200 iPads to Sheriff Laurie Smith’s office in exchange for four concealed carry permits for apple employees. Two other officers were also indicted in the alleged scandal.

Moyer’s attorney, Ed Swanson, said his client was innocent and that the Apple security chief followed the required process. He added that the iPad donations were not connected to the licenses, noting that “there was no bribe, no quid pro quo.” Apple said its investigation didn't find any incriminating evidence.

Swanson disclosed that the CCW permits were for Apple security personnel responsible for protecting Apple senior executives after shootings rocked Silicon Valley.

Earlier, Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to the “inaction” on gun control as “insanity” shortly after the El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, mass shootings.

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In an ongoing CCW licensing corruption case, three tech personalities, AS Solution CEO Christian West and his managers, Martin Nielsen and Jack Stromgren, pleaded guilty to corruption charges.

The three admitted to soliciting bribes and allegedly making donations to Sheriff Laurie Smith’s re-election kitty in exchange for CCW permits. Sheriff Smith, an ardent supporter of gun control, remains clear of the investigation.

Days before, a grand jury indicted Undersheriff Rick Sung and the Police Chief Capt. James Jensen for their alleged role in the scandal.

Tech giants are mostly anti-gun because they can always obtain concealed carry licenses easily by cozying up to anti-gun authorities.


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