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Armed Protesters in Tactical Gear and Face Masks Descend on Michigan State Capitol

Michigan Liberty Militia members dressed in tactical gear and partial face masks participated in the American Patriot Rally in the State Capitol alongside other protestors to oppose the coronavirus-related restrictions. The demonstrators then moved into the state capitol and demanded to be allowed on the House floor. Some senators wore bulletproof vests during the march.

The organizers called the rally a “huge win”. They hoped it would pressure the Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to ease the restrictions. The rally took place a few days after Republicans rejected to extend Gov. Whitmer’s restrictions.

President Trump referred to the protestors as “very good people” and urged Gov. Whitmer to quench the fire by coming to the negotiating table with those opposed to the restrictions. He added that the protesters just wanted a return to normalcy.

Another rally involving armed protestors took place in Wisconsin and was attended by about 1500 people. Arizona has also witnessed similar protests urging Gov. Doug Ducey to ease the restrictions.

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Gun rights groups are furious with the ongoing restrictions with many state and local authorities ignoring the federal government’s directives that ordered gun shops to remain open. The groups have indicated that the restrictions infringe on citizen’s rights to enjoy their Second Amendment rights.

Gun shops and shooting ranges closures have also been the subject of various lawsuits filed across the country. Additionally, some gun shop owners have refused to comply with the closure orders citing the federal guidelines and observation of safety measures.

According to Pew Research, the media is credited with making up news concerning COVID-19 pandemic. About 80% of people have received at least any form of fake news made by mainstream media. Twelve percent (12%) have received a lot of made-up stories, while the majority (35%) have received some false news. Thirty-two percent have received “not much” made-up news. Twenty percent (20%) admit they have not received any made-up stories.


Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is pushing universal background checks in our state, and if left unchecked, it will not be long until we see bills like this getting traction in Austin. Texas is embarrassingly ranked 29th for gun rights, and with the help of the political elites in Austin, we will surely rank among New York, California, and Illinois if left to their own devices. Please join our fight today, and help us restore Texas' place as the standard for the U.S.

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