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Armed Second Amendment Protestors Encountered Black Lives Matter Demonstrators in Lansing

The American Patriot Rally armed protesters encountered a group of Black Lives Matter demonstrators during their rally at the state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan. Participants of the Black Lives Matter demonstration laid at the center of the armed rally and hurled insults at those attending the American Patriot Rally. Both rallies attracted hundreds of participants with opposing views.

The participants of the American Patriot Rally said the Black Lives Matter demonstrators had the right to practice their First Amendment but disapproved of their attempts to disrupt the peaceful rally held to champion for peace and unity in the country. The organizers of the armed rally said they did not intend to threaten the opposing group by holding their armed protest.

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Ryan Kelley, an organizer of the American Patriot Rally, said his group held the rally to promote peace and coexistence to create an environment where families could thrive. Jason Howland, another organizer of the rally added that his group had no problems with the demonstration of the Black Lives Matter. He added it was time to unite Americans despite the difference of opinions.

The BLM protestors said they did not intend to disrupt the armed American Patriot rally, despite their antagonism towards the patriot’s rally. Some Black Lives Matter protesters asked the patriots to stand with them and to champion the respect of black lives. They also disapproved of the display of firearms saying protesters should leave guns at home.

Armed protests held by pro-Second Amendment groups have always been peaceful despite the opposition by anti-gun activists claiming the display of firearms was an act of intimidation. Even when confronted by violent groups, they have shown restraint and ensured the rallies ended without any incidents.


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