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ATF Accuses SB Tactical of Misleading Gun Owners on Pistol Braces

The ATF accuses SB Tactical (SBT) of falsely advertising its 'pistol braces' in a letter obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) By John Crump of Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

The agency claims to have approved only two models, the SB15 and MPX PSB variants. However, it accuses SBT of selling more than 20 unevaluated and unapproved models under "ATF Compliant" or "ATF Approved Technology" labels.

"This letter is to inform SB Tactical that certain products currently marketed and sold by SB Tactical have not been evaluated nor approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Firearm Technology Industry Services Branch. It has come to the attention of FTISB that all of SB Tactical' braces' are being marketed as evaluated and approved by ATF as 'pistol stabilizing braces' although in most cases no evaluation or classification ever occurred," the letter reads.

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The ATF lists the allegedly unapproved models adding that "although these new models are similar to the original evaluated models, several are advertised as being based off shoulder stock designs." The letter adds that "the FTISB does not approve 'stabilizing braces' which are similar or based on off shoulder designs."

The letter warns SB Tactical to avoid falsely advertising the braces as "ATF approved" when no evaluations were carried out.

"If SB Tactical would like to get an official determination for these products, they must be submitted for evaluation and classification," the letter adds.

However, ATF fails to acknowledge that it had given SB Tactical permission to develop new braces based on the evaluated models. The ATF uses this tactic to avoid giving a definite answer, not to be held to its word. It also refuses to release the list of prohibited features to guide vendors when manufacturing the devices.

Surprisingly, the ATF listed SOB and SBM4 among the unapproved braces despite a letter dated August 21, 2017, showing the ATF evaluating the two devices and classifying them as "firearms."


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