ATF Issues A 60 Days Suspension Of The “Cease And Desist” Letter. Q LLC Sounds Alarm

Q LLC, the Honey Badger pistol maker, received a 60 days suspension letter of ATF'S "cease and desist" letter. The letter informed Q that the suspension was to allow the ATF review "the applicability of the National Firearms Act to the manufacture and transfer of the model 'Honey Badger Pistol' firearm."

“This letter notifies you that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is temporarily suspending the Cease and Desist letter dated August 3, 2020, sent to your client, Q, LLC,” the letter read.

However, the open-ended letter allowed the ATF to withdraw or extend the suspension at any time, without any limitations. Consequently, the firearms manufacturer advised its customers to ignore the directive and act as though the 'Honey Badger' was still under the NFA's regulations.

At Lone Star Gun Rights, we believe that this classification is arbitrary, unfair, and misguided. STAND WITH LONE STAR GUN RIGHTS! SIGN THE PETITION!

Q LLC claimed political gameplay in the letter sent by ATF Chief Counsel Joel Roessner. The letter advised the client to directly contact Roessner, an attempt to absolve the agency of any communication breakdown. Unsurprisingly, attempts to contact the agency proved futile. Q warned gun owners to assume ATF's initial letter was still effective.

The gunmaker believes that the letter was to put firearm owners, manufacturers, and retailers at ease to create a soft landing before the biting regulations take effect. Q also believes the letter was possibly intended to delay the issue until the elections are over, and a new administration took over and imposes different regulations. The company decried the use of licensees as political pawns, describing the behavior as unbecoming of the ATF. Q said it would stop the manufacturing of Honey Badger pistols.

The ATF is addicted to power abuse. The agency enjoys operating with unrestricted powers and under obligations to abide by the constitution. This situation has allowed the agency to impose its tyranny on the American people. Using the ATF, gun grabbers found an opportunity to dictate gun laws without having to win an election. Trump needs to take charge and reign in the organization before it’s too late.

All this talk about being the most pro-gun administration is noise if it can’t get its own ATF in line. Ideally, the ATF and every gun control law passed since the enactment of the NFA must go. Alas, we live in a time where such prospects seem like a pipe dream. But we must start somewhere.

To get the conversation started, I ask that you sign your Lone Star Gun Rights petition condemning the ATF’s unilateral classification of the Honey Badger pistol as a short-barreled rifle. Every signature counts in getting the Trump administration to recognize that its ATF is totally out of control.

Once you’re done with that, please consider joining LSGR to help us fight gun grabs at all levels of government. We’re going to need all the help we can get.

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