ATF Reclassifies TommyBuilt Tactical T36 as a Machine Gun Receiver

The ATF disclosed that it would focus on pistol braces and DIY gun kits in its aggressive reclassification campaign. The agency was in talks with the Biden administration before the election outcome was determined. The agency also raided Polymer80 regarding its “Build, Buy, Shoot” gun kit.

Similarly, other companies received ATF warnings about selling the gun kits and the agency searched retailers and requested purchase records. Similarly, the ATF ordered gun kit owners to surrender them.

Now TommyBuilt Tactical said it received letters declaring its T36 receivers as NFA items and owners must replace them at additional costs.

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“ … we have received unfortunate news that the receiver of the T36 will now be classified by ATF as a machinegun receiver,” the company’s statement on its website read. “ATF has recently determined that the blocks and restrictions manufactured into our semi-automatic receiver (which are a replica of the SL8 prevention method) are not sufficient and now require an auto sear block on this platform. We disagree with this position but do not make the regulatory decisions.”

TommyBuilt Tactical said it was in the process of complying with the new requirements by introducing more restrictive blocks and auto sear block and other requirements. It seems that the ATF might reclassify other receivers based on the same design as the T36.

“So we are clear, there is no current intent by ATF to criminally charge any TommyBuilt Tactical T36 owner for the possession of contraband, or to prosecute TommyBuilt Tactical for any wrongdoing.”

However, this is temporary relief as T36 owners must replace the old models or risk confiscation and losing their entire assembly. TommyBuilt said it would replace the existing T36 receivers with the upgraded TG36 versions at an additional cost of $225.

Americans will now incur additional costs to continue owning items they legally bought and exercise a constitutionally-protected right because the ATF has changed its policy to appease its political overlords.

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