BB Gun-Related School Suspension Epidemic: Fourth Grader Suspended, Expulsion Considered

A 9-year old boy is on a 6-day suspension after moving a BB gun out of the way during an online class session. The fourth-grader was taking an English test when his younger brother entered into their shared room and tripped over an unloaded BB gun.

Ka Mauri Harrison, a student at Woodmere Elementary, in Louisiana, turned away from his test, picked up the BB gun, and put it away from his brother, but close to his chair with "the barrel still visible."

"My brother came in the room, and he tripped over the gun," the fourth-grader said. "I moved it ... and put it on the side of me."

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However, his teacher and classmates saw the incident leading to a six-day suspension and a possible expulsion from the Jefferson Parish Public school.

"Ka Mauri presented a weapon that appeared to be a rifle/shotgun during his Google Meets classroom session. This is a violation of weapons in the classroom setting and a violation of the internet usage policy. He will be recommended for expulsion as per JPPSS policy," the school's disciplinary report read.

Nyron Harrison, the child’s father, said the school was treating Ka Mauri as if he brought a firearm to school. The family protested the invasion of their privacy and the denial of due process to their child. The school administration turned down their appeal for reconsideration of the decision. However, the school decided not to expel the student. Harrison is considering filing a lawsuit.

"It's not ending here," the family attorney said. "It's our intent to explore further options."

Similar incidents have led to the suspension of other students for handling BB and toy guns during online lessons. Grand Mountain School in Colorado Springs suspended Isaiah Elliott, an eleven grader with ADHD, for picking up a neon toy gun during an online class.

While the schools claim that their actions are for the safety of the students, any sensible individual can distinguish between a real gun and a BB/toy gun -they choose not to. For example, in Isaiah’s case, the teachers were recorded joking about the incident before involving the school's administration. The school also involved the police even after confirming with the parent that the device was a toy gun.

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