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Becerra Concedes That Gun Registration Scheme Puts Law-Abiding Citizens In Potential Legal Jeopardy

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra reached an out-of-court settlement in a case involving California’s “assault weapons” registration scheme. The state Attorney General’s office admitted that the registration website locked out thousands of Californians putting them at risk of violating state gun laws.

However, this was hardly an isolated case of failing anti-gun systems considering that eleven months ago a federal court overturned California's ammo background checks system.

The court found that the system denied thousands of law-abiding citizens the right to purchase ammo while doing nothing to stop prohibited criminals. Thus, it violated Californians’ rights to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

In the latest settlement filing in the U.S. Eastern District Court in Sacramento, all pending investigations and prosecutions of gun owners who failed to register their “assault weapons” were halted.

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Those who failed to register their weapons would be given more time to do so by filling paper forms. The initial deadline was in 2017, but the state added one year after website glitches prevented owners from registering. However, the glitches never went away even after the deadline extension.

Firearms Policy Coalition President Brandon Combs said that the lawsuit proved that failing systems were allowed to operate in a culture that does not care about the people.

Although the settlement reprieves law-abiding gun owners turned felons by unconstitutional laws, the best course of action would be to repeal the “assault weapon” ban and the gun registration scheme which violates the Second Amendment of the U.S Constitution.

Becerra has openly supported the declaration of guns as a national health crisis. Perhaps his failures on various Second Amendment issues should have impacted the confirmation hearings.

With him heading the nation’s healthcare system and intent on declaring guns as a national health crisis, he will likely make similar mistakes. When dealing with the nation’s healthcare system, such misinformed and dangerous policies would not only violate the Second Amendment rights of Americans but also put their lives at risk.


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