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Biden: Guns Kill the Most People; Statistics: That's a Lie

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

During a gun control forum, former Vice President Joe Biden issued a false statement that Americans are dying from gun violence more than anything else. This is despite statistics proving that heart-related problems and cancer contribute to more than 60% of American deaths each year. Similarly, gun-related deaths account for less than 2% of all fatalities. This figure includes suicides, armed burglaries, and mass shootings.

If that wasn't enough to disprove based on recent statistics, consider this: The deadliest homicide year in U.S. history was 1980. That year, there were 23,039 homicides (14,386 of which were committed with a firearm). This made the homicide rate 10.2 per 100,000 (or 0.0102% of Americans). Compiled into a pie chart comparing all causes of deaths, the deadliest homicide year on record looks like this:

The remarks from Biden are no surprise considering the amount of fear mongering that has been spreading from the Democratic gun-control fanatics. In the same meeting, Biden talked about limiting guns that can fire a certain number of rounds, but he was not sure how many.

Another Democrat, Houston's own Sheila Jackson Lee, had issued similar ignorant remarks about AR-15 claiming the gun was as heavy as moving 10 boxes.

Despite his limited knowledge of guns, and statistics, of course, Biden still tried to appear as an expert on gun-related. Compared to other Democratic candidates, however, he is one of the least militant towards gun control.

Despite his more “moderate” approach to gun control, his candidature depends on gun control and assault on the second amendment. He joins the list of Democratic candidates trying to outsmart each other on gun control with some even crossing the party’s red lines, which has even caused exchanges between party leaders with some distancing the party from such hard-line positions.

His best plans on gun control include bankrupting firearm manufacturers out of business. His next best idea involves spending billions of dollars in “voluntary” buyback programs for millions of firearms in citizen’s possession. The Democratic front-runner also proposed repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms act that protects firearm manufacturers from liability arising from the misuse of their firearm by a third party. This would mean punishing manufacturers for crimes committed using their firearms.

As George Orwell brilliantly put it, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” We are indeed living in times where facts are blatantly ignored in order to trigger emotional responses from the average American. In order to win, we must get these facts out, even when Facebook slaps organizations like ours with a 7-day ban for no reason.

This is why your membership is so important. Join LSGR today, and sign our petition. Every dollar we raise, we put towards our fight against the outright lies from the tyrants who seek to make us unarmed subjects. We must inform all Americans of the truth if we are to repel the tyranny of our elected officials. Are you ready to join our revolution of truth?

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