Biden’s Detroit Gun Control Tantrums Inspire an ‘ANGRYJOE-14’ Lower Receiver

South Carolina’s Palmetto State Armory is offering a lower receiver dubbed “ANGRYJOE-14.” The lower receiver inspiration came from Joe Biden’s angry responses to a Detroit autoworker who questioned him on his gun control agenda. This unfinished firearm component contains several sneers aiming at Joe Biden’s bizarre anti-gun statements.

Some of the jibes engraved on the lower receiver include “AR-14,” “Multi Angryjoe 000,” “WUD HE SAY,” “FULLA SH!T,” and “DOGFACED PONYSOLDIER.” The AR-14 reference was inspired by the former vice president’s declaration that he owns “AR-14” during his public meltdown. Joe Biden was also on record calling a woman a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” during a campaign in New Hampshire.

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Ironically, if Joe Biden succeeds in becoming the president, such receivers would become illegal to sell online, same as other firearm components. However, this company offers gun rights supporters the opportunity to enjoy their rights to bear arms while sneering at Joe Biden and having fun while doing so. The lower receiver can be ordered online through their website.

Biden’s meltdown was because of a question about his support for gun confiscation. The democratic candidate had named Beto O’Rourke as his partner in tackling the “gun problem.” Jerry Wayne was concerned that the self-declared gun confiscator, now working for Biden, would keep his promise of confiscating AR-15s.

Joe Biden has also personally proposed banning of the AR-15 style firearms where owners must enter a gun registry or hand over their firearm failure to which they would become felons.

Although having the lower receiver bearing Joe Biden’s gun control gaffes is an amusing idea, the component is not enough to hold all his weird remarks and lies about gun ownership. Jerry Wayne, the autoworker who worked up Biden, must be excited to own one of these “ANGRYJOE-14” lower receivers.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is pushing universal background checks in our state, and if left unchecked, it will not be long until we see bills like this getting traction in Austin. Texas is embarrassingly ranked 29th for gun rights, and with the help of the political elites in Austin, we will surely rank among New York, California, and Illinois if left to their own devices. Please join our fight today, and help us restore Texas' place as the standard for the U.S.

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