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Biden's Transition Team contacted the ATF to discuss Gun Control

The elections are far from over and Biden’s victory is nothing more than a unilateral declaration. This is true except for the ATF which is secretly transitioning itself to be in a position to restrict gun ownership under the Biden administration.

ATF’s Acting Director Regina Lombardo disclosed during a conference call on November 10, 2020, that Biden’s transition team reached out to discuss ATF’s top priorities. An insider disclosed that 80% lower receivers and pistol braces would be her priority.

Biden has expressed disdain for the two items which are crucial for millions of gun-owning Americans who are concerned about their security.

The ATF recently warned several companies including Q, LLC., and SB Tactical about pistol braces. However, the timing of the new crackdown on pistol braces was highly suspicious.

Now it seems that the assault on pistol braces was a calculated move to launch the federal agency into a full gun control body under a possible Biden Whitehouse.

True to this statement, the ATF uses a highly subjective process to determine whether the components are legal. It only needs an anti-gun tester to rubberstamp an item as illegal.

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An anonymous source had disclosed that current and previous ATF heads including Associate Deputy Director Marvin Richardson and Curtis Gilbert, the former Department Assistant Director of Enforcement Programs and Services, have always hated pistol braces and planned to ban them. However, the lack of political capital stopped them from conducting a full assault on pistol braces and the second amendment rights of Americans.

The potential of a Biden win emboldened the agency to disregard DOJ’s ruling that prevented it from banning pistol braces. The Justice Department had ruled that the ATF should not regulate the pistol braces until the federal government clarified the rules.

However, the ATF circumvented the DOJ by using its enforcement branch to issue the illegal letters and harass over 3 million businesses that used pistol braces. To avoid any possible reaction from the current administration, the ATF postponed any action for 60 days until an anti-gun administration possibly took over.

Similarly, anti-gun groups’ antipathy for the 80% lower receivers has never been more powerful. They argue that unfinished firearms lead to the production of “ghost guns.” They further allege that “ghost guns” are popular with criminals and mass shooters.

Anti-gunners have relentlessly fought to ban DIY gun kits. The Obama administration banned 3D printers claiming that they violated the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). However, the Trump administration reversed the ban allowing the publication of 3D blueprints by Defense Distributed for download.

Democrats such as California Attorney General Xavier Becerra have always pushed for the classification of 80% lower receivers as firearms. They demand mandatory background checks for owning the unfinished gun parts.

This would lead to innocent Americans being accused of owning firearms simply for having pieces of metal. Such an approach is not only risky but and highly ineffective in controlling illegal firearms.

Additionally, crime statistics show that “ghost guns” are rarely used in crime. Precisely, over 90% of firearms used in crimes are either stolen or bought in the dark market.

The ATF wants to make Biden’s agenda its top priority even before the election winner is determined. This shows that the agency’s loyalty lies with the Democratic party instead of the constitution. The ATF was wishing for Biden’s win so that it could transform itself into the gun control organization it has always wished to become.


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