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Brady United and Coalition To Stop Gun Violence Invent A Crisis And Demand More Firearm Restrictions

While capitol protests were not about gun rights, and the protesters never used firearms, the anti-gun disarmament industrial complex continues to exploit the incident to push for more gun control.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) Director Joshua Horwitz said that "the language about fighting tyranny is racist." The group described the incident as evidence of insurrectionism perpetuated by the Second Amendment movement.

CSGV described the Capitol protests as "decades of collusion between extremist and racist forces on the far-right and America's gun lobby."

It's shameful how the gun control lobby tries to associate racism and violence with the second amendment when no such link exists. Factually, racism only exists in gun control, which has racist roots.

"White supremacy and racism are inextricably linked with the gun movement and are used to stoke delusion and incite violence," CSGV falsely claimed.

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Ironically, most anti-gun czars, including the former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, have been exposed for enacting or supporting racist policies, participating in racist actions, and or making racist comments.

In its list of demands to address what it described as insurrectionism fanned by gun rights groups, CSGV demanded that "guns Must be Outlawed from Statehouses and Polling Places" The group also called for "universal prohibitions on open carry such as the strong gun laws in Washington, D.C."

The group claims that "Washington, D.C.'s strong gun laws were part of the reason we did not see more death and violence this week." Unfortunately, the same laws have failed to stop criminals from victimizing law-abiding citizens, making the nation's capital one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

On its part, Brady United Against Gun Violence said that all safety measures should be based on gun control.

"There are urgent steps we must immediately take enact to guard against further violent attacks — and gun safety underlies all of them."

Brady United's president Kris Brown also recommended recognizing "gun violence" as a health crisis.

Gun control groups are busy exploiting the Capitol protests by pushing racism and the insurrection narrative and the gun health crisis to mislead Americans believe that we're in an actual emergency. After all, people are more willing to give up their rights for the public good as pro-gun activist Colion Noir once remarked.


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