Brightly Colored Toy Gun Prompts Lockdown of Three Florida Campuses

College campuses in Davie, Florida went on a three-hour lockdown after a 60-year old man was spotted with a toy gun. The police then conducted a search across town before finally catching up with a person who fit the description of the “armed man.” Apparently, the only real weapon the man had on him was an umbrella while the other was a brightly colored toy-gun.

Yes, this is the actual toy gun that caused the lockdown...

According to the police, they had received reports of a man armed with a rifle who had pointed the gun at a student. The report indicated that the man had a white beard was wearing a gray sweater.

After the police caught up with him, the man denied pointing his toy gun at anyone. He was then able to walk free of any charges. The responding officers then took his toy gun as evidence.

While there exists no rules or permits for carrying toy guns, the Violent Crime Reduction Act outlaws the making of realistic imitations of guns. Consequently, most toy guns bear bright colors and odd shapes to enable people to distinguish them from real guns.

Florida is a “shall issue” and a concealed carry state, which outlaws open carry. The state has seen strong battles between gun confiscators and second Amendment advocates over plans to infringe on the citizens’ rights to carry a legal firearm for self-defense.

Although cases like this are rare, it common for the sensitive anti-gun obsessed crowd to feel offended by anything that resembles a gun.

Florida has witnessed some gun-related shootings and has been the focus of some anti-gun groups; however, pro-second Amendment groups have also persisted efforts to protect the rights of citizens to defend themselves with some counties seeking to become Second Amendment sanctuaries.

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