California Shootings Poke Holes in Gun Control Logic

With its most restrictive gun control laws in the country, California witnessed three-day high-profile shootings poking holes in the gun control logic that the opponents of the Second Amendment try to market as the silver bullet to end gun violence.

The three mass shootings took place in a school, an area designated as a gun-free zone, a private home, and a backyard party.

The first shootings took place on Thursday in Santa Clarita when a 16-year old student from Saugus High School shot five of his classmates before turning the gun on himself. Two of the victims and the shooter succumbed to gunshot wounds.

The home shooting incident took place on Saturday in San Diego, where a man killed his ex-wife and three children before committing suicide with the gun.

On Sunday night, an armed man invaded a backyard party in Fresno and opened fire on the revelers killing four and injuring six men between the ages of 25 and 35 years.

Despite the strict gun control regulations in the state, especially in gun-free zones such as schools, the teenage shooter was able to obtain a firearm despite being under the federal age requirement, carry it in such a gun-free and safe area, and use it against innocent people. Similarly, the party shooter was able to pounce on the defenseless party-goers without any resistance.

California has very strict gun control laws including a total ban on “assault weapons,” extensive background checks, ban on high capacity magazines, a 10-day waiting period, and the requirement for a handgun safety certificate before the purchase of a handgun. The state also has a 10-year ban for people for certain crimes such as domestic violence.

Despite the strict gun control regulations, none was able to prevent the latest string of mass shootings. Apparently, the silver bullet failed to work in the Golden State leading to deaths of innocent people.

Here in Texas, Dan Patrick is pushing gun control. He wants to require all private sales to require the same background checks as FFL transfers; a measure that is only enforceable with a state-wide gun registry. Our $5 postcard campaign is designed to send him a crystal clear message that we will not tolerate any more gun control in our state. Unfortunately, he is not up for reelection until 2022, so he will be in office for the next legislative session.

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