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Carjacker Apologizes, Walks Away When Daughter Pulls Gun After He Struggles With The Grandmother

A 65-year-old woman fought off a carjacker who saw an easy target before realizing that one of the car's occupant was armed.

The incident took place at McCreless Shopping Center, San Antonia, Texas, on Monday. The grandmother was sitting in the backseat with her daughter Kimberly and a grandson waiting for other family members to return from shopping inside the mall. It was a typical afternoon with nobody expecting a confrontation with a determined robber.

Suddenly, a strange man began circling the car before disappearing for a moment. When he returned, he walked straight to the car and opened the back door closest to the grandmother.

"When he jerked the door open, she started struggling and pulling, and they got into a struggle back-and-forth," Kimberly told CBS Austin.

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The struggle continued for a few seconds exhausting the grandmother when the younger woman pulled out her pistol.

The man believed to be in his 30s slowly walked back to his Nissan Altima parked nearby as Kimberly yelled at him.

Kimberly says that "he just looked back and said I'm sorry ma'am and got in his car and nonchalantly drove off."

This incident was an example of a gun acting as a deterrence. Shockingly the criminal chose to wrestle for control with the grandmother even after realizing that the car was occupied. The criminal's determination shows that he was not an opportunist but a violent offender, ready to use force during a robbery. Such a criminal could only be stopped with a weapon.

Democrats have filed several bills that would make it harder for gun owners to defend themselves, including the one that revises the Castle Doctrine.

If such laws pass, it would be the law-abiding citizens' responsibility to retreat or prove their innocence in a law court after using a firearm to confront an intruder. Such laws would render law-abiding citizens' firearms useless because they can't use the guns to defend themselves as long as they could walk away.


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