Cody Wilson Releases a “Netflix for 3D guns” Giving Users Access to His Digital Blueprints

After a long battle with the federal government over the release of his printed 3D gun models, Cody Wilson released his blueprints for public access through an annual subscription model. Dubbed the “Netflix for 3D guns,” the package will give users access to his technology for $50 per year. The Defense Distributed founder said his release is “impervious” to legal challenges.

Gun control advocates accused him of avoiding federal gun control laws as well as the background check system for local buyers. They also claim the release would allow the proliferation of plastic ghost guns without serial numbers. However, federal law allows the manufacture of firearms by individuals. Wilson said he wants people to download his models as an act of protest against the limitation of personal freedoms.

This is the third time Wilson has released his models per U.S. foreign export controls online. He released his first 3D model in 2012 but was ordered to remove it from public access. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations argued that his 3D models would be accessible to foreign nationals and thus under the international weapons control.

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Mr. Wilson won a legal battle in 2018, allowing him to release his models to the public. However, a group of attorneys obtained an injunction preventing him from posting his digital blueprints online. Mr. Wilson then worked hard to transfer his technology from the supervision of ITAR to the Commerce Department, which is less restrictive.

When the transfer became a complicated affair, Wilson invented a new method of complying with ITAR’s requirements. He devised a method of vetting people downloading his blueprints to make sure only American citizens and legal residents can access the materials. He will achieve this by using geolocation services and information from the credit bureau.

Although users of his technology could share with other users, Wilson advices them that it is illegal to do so. ITAR has also not commented on his recent release.

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