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Concealed Carrier Shoots Armed Robber At A Wingstop Outlet In Philly, Police Ruled Justified

A gun-owning customer shot and killed an armed robber at a Wingstop joint in what the police described as a possibly "justified homicide."

The incident took place at the Wingstop outlet on 2100 Block of Cottman Ave., Philadelphia, shortly after 10:30 p.m. on Sunday. The 53-year old suspect had previous arrests indicating that he was a career criminal.

"Latest Philadelphia homicide 'likely to be very quickly ruled justifiable' @phillypolice tell FOX29 News," Steve Keeley tweeted.

Police reports maintain that the criminal went behind the counter and demanded money from an employee at gunpoint.

Coincidentally, the legally-armed citizen walked into the store when the robber demanded his cellphone. Instead, the customer pulled his firearm and shot the robber on the neck, killing him instantly.

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Police questioned the gun owner but didn't file any charges. They noted that he was also a victim because the criminal had pointed a gun at him. Additionally, he remained at the scene and cooperated with the police, who took his weapon and identified him as the shooter.

The gun owner was justified in shooting the criminal, judging from the surrounding circumstances. Had the robber searched him and found a firearm, or discovered the presence of a gun, he would have attacked first.

Gun control activists maintain that it's the gun owner's responsibility to get away from the dangerous situation instead of using their firearm to defend themselves.

Anti-gunners believe that criminals have more rights to safety than law-abiding citizens despite the former being responsible for creating dangerous situations. Luckily, one criminal was taken off the street by a law-abiding gun owner.


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