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Congress Democrats Request Biden To Regulate AR-15 Pistols Under the NFA Through Executive Action

Members of a House gun control task force wrote to Biden urging him to regulate large AR-15 pistols under the National Firearms Act using executive action. They claimed that there were “serious inequities in the implementation of the National Firearms Act” allowing people to possess these weapons and manufacturers to circumvent regulations.

“The House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force calls on you to take strong executive action to address serious inequities in the implementation of the National Firearms Act, which is the federal law regulating the manufacture, transfer, and possession of certain classes of firearms.”

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They added that “concealable assault-style firearms that fire rifle rounds pose an unreasonable threat” to public safety, thus justifying their regulation under the National Firearms Act.

According to them, the NFA effectively prevented crimes committed using these weapons by requiring background checks, registrations, and the submission of photographs and fingerprints.

“The 1934 law sought to regulate certain weapons because of their frequent use in crime. Some of the features exploited by criminals and included for enhanced regulation under the NFA include sawed-off shotguns, rifles with short barrels and weapons with a high capacity of firing like machine guns.”

Regulating AR-15 style weapons under the NFA is a priority for gun controllers. AR-15 pistols give anti-gunners more excuses to target them using a set of “objectionable features” that do not increase their lethality or rate of fire. However, these features make for a convincing political selling point for Americans who aren’t gun savvy.

With AR-15 style firearms being among the most popular firearms owned by Americans, targeting them and their derivatives would have powerful effects on legal gun ownership and, subsequently, the Second Amendment.

While suggesting that AR-15 pistols should be regulated under the NFA is appalling, suggesting that Biden should misuse executive powers to circumvent the constitution and the legislative process is inexcusable.


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