Congresswoman Lauren Boebert's Amusing Idea Would Make Democrats Support The Second Amendment

A newly-elected Republican congresswoman has a proposal to make Democrats support the Second Amendment. Lauren Boebert, 33, believes that the Democrats would be interested in her amusing proposal given their obsession with face masks.

"Democrats should think of concealed carry as masks for our guns," Boebert tweeted on Thursday. "Maybe then they'd support it!"

Boebert owns a firearm themed restaurant, Shooters Grill, in Rifle, Colorado, where employees openly carry guns. Patrons are also encouraged to take theirs while dining.

She shot to prominence after confronting the gun-grabber Beto O'Rourke by telling him in the face, "Hell no, you're not takin' our guns."

She will be the first woman to represent her district after defeating a Democrat in the polls and a career Republican politician in the Republican party primaries.

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Undisclosed sources said that the incoming congresswoman requested the Capitol Police for permission to carry a Glock on the Capitol grounds during the upcoming legislative session.

Legislators are allowed to bear arms although the general public is prohibited from having guns in the Capitol, grounds, or state office buildings.

Boebert should sponsor a motion to grant the public the right to carry firearms in the Capitol and state buildings. Giving the legislators the right to self-defense while denying the same to the public implies that some constitutional rights are only available to a particular class of people.

However, the Second Amendment does not allow discrimination based on class. Factually, our founding fathers enacted the Second Amendment targeting ordinary citizens would form the rank and file of any resistance to tyranny.

Having won the elections on grassroots' support and her opposition to classism, changing the laws in Colorado to allow equal self-defense rights would be a significant victory for the ordinary citizen.

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