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Conservatives Flock To Alternative Social Media Sites To Organize Boots on The Ground

Conservatives flocked to alternative social media networks after major tech companies curtailed their freedom of expression. In one incident, Facebook deleted the “Stop the Steal” group, which gathered over 365,000 members in two days. The social media behemoth accused the group of violating its community standards against incitement and violence and trying to "delegitimize an electoral process."

Facebook action forced the conservative groups’ creators to rally their members to join alternative social media networks MeWe and Parler. The mass exodus of conservatives from Facebook led to a surge in the “Stop the Steal” activity on both MeWe and Parler.

Members later split into smaller groups organized into state chapters to localize their efforts. The boots on the ground strategy would be effective in tracking the vote-counting processes in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Conservative activity also spiked on Parler with the #StoptheSteal hashtag garnering more than 15,000 mentions or "parleys" on the platform.

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Earlier, Carpe Donktum, the account which shared the “racist baby” video retweeted by Trump, was also suspended from Twitter on allegations of copyright infringement. The account owner disputed Twitter’s claims that he had reached the maximum number of copyright violations.

He indicated that Twitter had never sent him any copyright warnings before the incident. The account owner also noted that he responded appropriately by filing a dispute immediately after his content was flagged. Facebook also removed his video but left Trump’s intact.

Many anti-lockdown protesters had also joined the alternative social media networks at the height of the resistance to circumvent censorship by the mainstream social media networks. This led to Parler gaining popularity with Republican officials, conservative commentators, and influencers.

MeWe was created in 2012 and markets itself as an alternative to mainstream social networks. The platform does not serve ads, sell users’ data, or use algorithms to manipulate the content on users’ feed.

The “Stop the Steal” movement was started by Roger Stone in 2016. He called for “days of non-violent demonstrations, protests and lobbying delegates face to face” if Trump’s nomination was stolen. Stone was blocked from Facebook on allegations of running multiple fake accounts and pages to spread disinformation.

Unsurprisingly, big tech companies will censor conservative voices at the slightest excuse while allowing Leftwing groups to make all forms of racist comments and threats of violence without any consequences.


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