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D.C. Bans Firearms, Activates The National Guard Ahead Of Pro-Trump Protests On Wednesday

Guns will not be allowed in downtown D.C. during the "BIG" pro-Trump protests taking place on Wednesday. D.C. Metropolitan Police Department posted notices announcing the prohibition as required by the legal code § 7-2509.07 cited by the gun ban.

The code states that licensees would not be prosecuted for failing to comply unless the District provides a “notice prohibiting the carrying of pistols in advance of the gathering or special event and by posted signage at the gathering or special event.”

Similarly, defiant licensed firearm owners could be detained for failing to leave the special event area, especially if they were already in contravention of the gun bans.

Rumors circulated online that some protestors were planning to smuggle guns into the procession, forcing the authorities to explicitly post the anti-gun signs. The federal District does not recognize licenses from other states making it even more challenging for armed visitors.

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"Don't bring weapons into our city. They are banned here in the District of Columbia and you should not expect that anyone will bring weapons here because if they do and if anyone comes here to cause violence they will be arrested," a Washington-based DHS official said, according to Fox 5 D.C.

The protest will overshadow the Congress' meeting to certify Biden as the winner of the announced presidential election results. Several GOP legislators including Texas Republican Ted Cruz promised to oppose the announcement unless the results were audited.

Meanwhile, D.C. is already a gun-controlled liberal city and the protest gun ban was just an extension of gun control in the Liberal city.

With open carry already illegal, gun owners have no room to circumvent the prohibition, unless they were willing to risk an arrest.

As common with most conservative protests, there is a possibility of violent counter-protests from Leftwing agitators like Antifa, who vowed that conservative protests must not go unopposed. However, BLM organizers advised the outfit’s members to stay away from the event.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said that a disarmed National Guard would be activated to assist with crowd control. This would free the Metropolitan Police Officers to focus on anyone intending to cause trouble, according to Police Chief Robert Contee III.


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