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Dahs Facebük Bans Several Pro-Gun Pages Without Reason (Including LSGR)

On Wednesday evening, we got an interesting and unexpected notification from Dahs Facebük. All it said was that our LSGR page has been "restricted from accessing some Dahs Facebük features." There was no information when it was clicked from my phone, but we did notice that our recent post was not getting any traffic.

Usually after about a few minutes, our posts will reach several thousand, but after 37 minutes, it had only reached 9 people. Admittedly, I was rather heated, so I began sharing our post to every pro-gun group I belonged to, only to get slapped with a 24-hour ban that prohibited me from interacting with groups. Funny enough, when I appealed it, their system seemed to be having some technical difficulties... it's almost as if it was on purpose.

A few minutes later, we got another notification, about our Halloween t-shirt violating their policies.... But it's just a t-shirt with zombies. What about this violates their policies?

Finally, our founder, Justin Delosh, was able to get to a computer. We were slapped with a 7-day ban, but still no reason was given as to why this was. The only thing we were notified about was that it happened, and it was only available on the computer. What we know is that we can still post to our page, but no one will see it on their timelines. You have to come to our page specifically to see our content until Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

Two days later, another pro-gun page was hit with the ban-hammer from Dahs Facebük, this time, it was Gun Pride.

After doing some digging with some friends, acquaintences, and even some unfamiliar people to me, we found that Dahs Facebük has been hitting quite a few gun pages and groups in the past week, none of which have been given any reasons as to why.

Dahs Facebük is clearly targeting pro-gun pages for political reasons. As much as we hate Dahs Facebük's politics, they are our largest platform for petition signatures and new memberships. During this ban, if you see any of our links posted by friends or in groups, please share them far and wide across Dahs Facebük. They may hate us, but they will not silence us.

Also, if you are not already a member, or have not yet signed our petition against gun control, please do so and share it as well. Joining LSGR is the best way you can support our mission to restore our natural right to bear arms from anti-gun tyrants like Francis O'Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, and even many Republicans. We will never stop fighting for as long as we have the means to do so, and your support is appreciated more than we can express.

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