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Daily Morning Show's Trevor Noah Wants The Obliteration Of Florida For Voting Trump

The Daily Morning Show’s Trevor Noah tweeted the destruction of Florida for voting Trump to the amusement of anti-gunners. Noah wondered whether we had the technology similar to the Star Wars’ death star that would obliterate the state of Florida.

“Do we have this technology yet?” Noah captioned the destruction gif.

Noah, like other Democrats, could not understand how the Latinx and immigrant community in Florida failed to vote for Biden and chose Trump instead. It was another one of those "you're not a [minority] if you're not voting for Biden" moments. The Left believed they were entitled to the Latinx vote because of their race and immigration status.

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Unfortunately, Latinx and Immigrants in Florida have the first-hand experience of living in socialist and communist countries. Additionally, they had the right to vote outside the racial stereotypes imposed on them by the Democrats.

Imagine if Republicans called for the annihilation of any Democratic stronghold occupied by a particular race? The virtue-signaling by Democrats would be unprecedented.

However, Democrats feel that they can make racist comments, threats, and intimidation of violence without consequences. Additionally, they feel that they have the moral authority to lecture us on violence and racism while doing the opposite.

For example, Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay, the Selinsgrove Area School Board member threatened to shoot people for not wearing masks. Rager-Kay is a Democrat and a gun control advocate who claims to be leading the fight against gun violence.

Other gun-control advocates have called for the shooting of the Second Amendment supporters. Nancy Sinatra advocated for the killing of millions of gun owners by a firing squad. Chris Rock also called for the shooting of gun owners to make them understand “understand the pain of being shot.”


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