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Dave Bautista Says Gun Owners Are Idiots For Defending Their Homes With AR-15s From Armed Attackers

Dave Bautista defended Joe Biden's firearm policy in a barrage of fiery tweets addressed to "fellow gun owners." Bautista claimed that Biden was pro-Second Amendment and wanted life-saving gun reforms.

He defended Biden's "assault weapons" ban and "voluntary" buyback of semi-automatic rifles. The professional actor and wrestler said Biden's firearm policy was fair and that the Second Amendment rights were safe under Biden and Harris. He also said that he did not need to "overcompensate" by owning an AR-15.

"My fellow gun owners!" Bautista tweeted. "@JoeBiden is PRO 2ND AMENDMENT. He wants gun reform: a ban on assault rifles and a VOLUNTARY buyback of assault rifles owned. This is FAIR. This will SAVE LIVES. I don't need to overcompensate w/an AR-15. Your right to bear arms is SAFE w/ #BidenHarris2020.”

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The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star added that Americans weren't losing anything they needed from Biden's "assault weapons" ban. He accused gun rights supporters of narcissism and being "Idiots" for having a gun at the side of the bed.

"The arguments I've seen are purely ego-driven, not pro 2nd." He continued, "If you' re(sic) weapon next to your bed is an AR, you're an idiot. If someone invades your home and your running to get your AR, then you're a fucking idiot."

Bautista said that trying to defend a home with an AR-15 from several armed attackers was the epitome of idiocy.

"If you're in a home setting with multiple attackers and you're trying to defend yourself with an AR, then you're a fucking idiot."

Bautista said that Biden did not intend to abolish the Second Amendment, as Trump had pointed out.

"Point is that contrary to Trump's continuous lies that @JoeBiden wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment, he in fact does not," Bautista said.

Surprisingly, 'The Army of the Dead' actor believes that homeowners are at fault for trying to defend their homes from armed intruders. Gun owners have frequently used AR-15s to defend their homes from attackers who threatened their lives. Perhaps Bautista thinks that homeowners should hang "gun-free" signs to prevent thugs from invading their homes.

Bautista is just another celebrity wannabe gun owner who has no clue why ordinary citizens need efficient firearms to defend their homes. With paid guards armed with semi-automatic firearms, he believes that individual firearm ownership is just a hobby that can be wiped out with no consequences.

Bautista also does not understand that Biden's firearm policy only includes a "mandatory" buyback or registration. Harris even suggested a total ban with no grandfathering of existing firearms. Biden's surrogate and his gun control point man, Beto O'Rourke, also wanted direct confiscation.

Essentially, Bautista is lecturing us about something he does not understand. The wrestler doesn't need to know the intricacies of gun ownership but thinks that we must listen to him because, hey, he is a celebrity!


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