Democrat Pitches Gun Control... At Gun Range

Democrat Haley Stevens decided it would be a great idea to take her anti-gun message to a group of second amendment supporters at a shooting range in Michigan. It did not end well for her.

Despite her efforts to cover up the event by booking under a different name, gun owners showed up in large numbers at Multi Lakes Conservation Association grounds where the meeting was supposed to take place. According to the Chair of 11th Congressional District Mr. Meshawn Maddock who organized the group, they wanted to give their opinion on the Democrat fight against the Second Amendment.

The meeting featured various Democrats, such as Rep. Robert Wittenberg, Christine Greig, Rep. Stevens, and the Moms Demand Action group. The event named Town Hall to Prevent Gun Violence and Take Action was supposed to put pressure for more action on gun violence.

Rep. Wittenberg tried to explain to the 2A supporters that the Democrats were not against guns, but rather gun violence. The democrat representative tried to convince the crowd that fighting gun violence and supporting the Second Amendment were not mutually exclusive.

The Democrats had a hard time convincing the crowd of the sincerity of their message after the party had taken various efforts to undermine the citizens’ rights to own firearms. The party has pushed for various gun control measures, including universal background checks, and the banning of various types of firearms and gear. Some Democrats had called for the confiscation of firearms in a mandatory buyback program.

The Democrats still pushed for various gun control measures while answering questions from the audience, which had a hard time believing in the “good intentions” of the Democratic leaders. There were unfriendly exchanges between the speakers and the audience leading the meeting to an early adjournment.

Apart from her support on gun control, Rep. Haley Stevens has failed to issue her stand on many issues of national interest.

The ultimate goal of the left is to disarm the citizenry, and force the unarmed population to be loyal subjects to their majesty. The last time such an attempt was made, patriots rose up and broke away from the government of the time. We know this period as the American Revolution.

We all agree that violence of any kind is awful, including gun violence. That, however, does not mean we sacrifice our natural rights in order to vainly purchase the illusion of security. We have the natural right to possess any weapon we deem necessary to adequately defend ourselves against the most substantial threat we can imagine, and this very right has been stripped from us slowly over the last 85 years.

LSGR was founded for the very reason that these infringements must not only stop, but every single one of them needs to be repealed. Join LSGR today and sign our petition against gun control. Our mission is to restore our natural right to bear arms to the way our Founding Fathers intended; the right to access weapons to match that of our own government. We will not sit idly by while we become unarmed subjects. Join us today and help us restore our rights.

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