Democrats and Republicans File Conflicting Gun Bills In Florida

Legislators in the Sunshine State continued to fight over gun rights with Democrats trying to limit law-abiding citizens’ ability to defend themselves against armed criminals. Meanwhile, Republican legislators want to empower Floridians with expanded gun rights to allow them to stop criminals wishing to harm them and their families.

Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R – District 32) filed a bill that would allow law-abiding citizens to carry firearms without the need for a concealed carry license.

House Bill 123 would also allow Florida to recognize all other concealed carry licenses from other states, giving visitors the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights in the southeasternmost state of the United States. Additionally, Florida would continue issuing licenses to maintain reciprocity with those states.

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Contrarily, Senator Linda Stewart (D - District 13) submitted a proposal seeking to regulate 3-D printed firearms. Senate Bill 372 prohibits DIY firearms from using certain polymers, undetectable by metal detectors and capable of withstanding heat generated by a fired round. Such materials include Polyethylene terephthalate, Polycarbonate, Polylactic acid, and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The bill also requires that 3-D printed firearms must contain at least 4 ounces of metal.

Current owners of 3-D printed guns failing to meet these standards must destroy them before the law takes effect on January 1, 2022, or surrender them to law enforcement agencies, which must destroy the weapons within 120 days. Gun owners failing to observe these restrictions would face a third-degree felony.

“These guns are undetectable and untraceable – meaning anyone with access to a 3D printer can gain access to a deadly firearm,” Stewart said. “This bill is about keeping guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.”

Making guns at homes is a skill passed from one generation to another among pro-2A family members. Making DIY firearms is also one of the characteristics of an armed populace capable of fighting a tyrannical government controlling the firearm supply chain.

Additionally, criminals would not abide by these laws, giving them an edge over law-abiding citizens. Consequently, such a law is not only unconstitutional but also endangers the law-abiding citizens who comply.

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