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Dennis Bonnen is the Hillary Clinton of Texas

Texas House Sepaker Dennis Bonnen is now officially the Hillary Clinton of Texas. After months of this charade, Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne (aka the James Comey of Texas) has decided to NOT press charges against Bonnen.

“As repugnant as Speaker Bonnen’s actions and statements are, I do not believe there is sufficient evidence from the June 12, 2019, meeting to warrant a criminal prosecution of Speaker Bonnen for bribery or solicitation of a gift by a public servant, therefore no criminal charges will be brought,” she said.

From the Statesman:

Her decision to not present the findings to a grand jury squares with remarks made by Bonnen’s Austin attorney, Brian Roark, who told the American-Statesman last week that the Speaker had not committed a crime because the press credentials he offered blogger Michael Quinn Sullivan for targeting 10 Republican House members did not have a monetary value.

While no one here is surprised, we are infuriated at the levels of corruption that have been exposed in Texas. These are levels that most would believe only exist in places like New York or California. Unfortunately, this is happening right here in Texas.

We need your help more than ever. If we are going to have a chance to win against this corrupt political machine, we need your support. Join LSGR today and sign and share our petition! We must get constitutional carry passed during the next legislative session, or I fear we may never get it.

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