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Dick's CEO Running for President?

Like most anti-gun advocates with no credibility, Dick’s CEO put the company’s future in jeopardy with the highly choreographed destruction of AR-15 rifles. It has since emerged that Ed Stack was preparing to join the already crowded Presidential race.

According to Politico, Stack has gathered a team to assess the likelihood of succeeding in a Presidential race. His assessment team presented various leadership themed messages to a focus group, testing his feasibility. The messages tried to match him up against Donald Trump, or the leading democratic candidates while running as an independent.

Despite his possible campaign on “leadership” platform, some people would have reservations considering that his “leadership” decisions that led to losses of over $5 million and the falling of the company’s revenues. Stack has yet to apply his “leadership skills” in averting the losses caused by the hasty decision.

After revelations of his political ambitions, Dicks’ CEO spokesperson said that Stack did not have any intentions of running for office. This is after he realized that his chances of making it into the race, just like his latest decisions regarding firearms, were not impressive.

Stack had also written a book on gun control, which, just like his Presidential ambitions, were not performing well in the market. Like most other gun control advocates, however, the former Republican donor tried to capitalize on gun control to propel his political career.

It remains to be a mystery whether Dick’s CEO had the intention of running for President before the destruction of the guns, or if the gesture was part of his Presidential ambition. It is very clear, however, that he does not have a chance in the race. This is because there are enough Democrats beating the same drum on gun control.

Between Beto's "Hell yes, we're going to take your AR-15's" and every other Democrat calling for various severity of gun control, there are also Republicans pushing for their own gun control, both at the state and federal levels. We are under attack from all sides, and we must stop them. Join LSGR today and sign our petition. These tyrants need to be told that we will not tolerate the current infringements on the books, and will certainly not tolerate any new ones! We. Will. Never. Compromise!

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