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Dick's Destroys $5m in AR-15's in Hopes of "Doggy Treat"

Dick Sporting Goods has begun the destruction of the “assault rifles” it pulled from its shelves to the tune of $5 million. “We are destroying the firearms in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations,” a company spokesperson said.

The company opted to destroy the firearms instead of returning them to the manufacturer to “get them off the street.” "You know what? If we really think these things should be off the street, we need to destroy them,” The company’s CEO, Edward Stack, said in an interview.

Apart from the cost of the destroyed rifles, the company’s sales have plummeted after it stopped the sale of “assault rifles.”

According to Michael Hammond of the Gun Owners of America (GOA), companies that attempt to make the politically correct decisions have always paid dearly. “This is what happens when you follow the left down their rabbit hole,” Hammond said during an interview with Gun Powder Magazine.

The company sales have fallen by 4% and according to one of the shareholders, the future looks bleak for the company.

“There’s no way this chain is going to get out of it, and unfortunately, they’re going to have to ride this down,” said David Almasi, Vice President of the National Center for Public Policy Research. Dick's management, however, has tried to downplay the losses and attribute them to other factors.

According to Hammond, Dick's Sporting Goods expected some reward in the form of increased sales due to its latest decision.

“Dick’s obviously thought that if they pulled guns from their shelves, they would get their doggy treat. Turns out, guns made up a significant portion of their sales,” Hammond said, adding, “If you do what the left says, ultimately you end up in the dumpster.”

Dick's is clearly pandering, and takes their customers for granted. We will never do that. LSGR is dedicated to the restoration of our natural right to bear arms, and that is no empty statement. We will never compromise, and we will never ask you for money in order to spend $50,000 on personal attire. That's what con artists do. Join LSGR today, and know that we never forget that we work for you; not politicians who seek to disarm us, and certainly not to line our own pockets. Let's make America pro-gun again!

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