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Everytown Demands More Gun Control, “Ghost Gun” Regulation Through Executive Action

In a new memo released on Dec. 10, 2020, Everytown for Gun Safety demanded executive action on gun control. The group says that a “Gun Sense President can make transformational changes by using executive power to take common sense and broadly popular action.”

The group adds that although congressional action is necessary, the “executive branch of the federal government can take swift steps” to address gun-related issues.

Everytown recommends an interagency task force on gun control and the declaration of gun violence as a public health emergency. The group highlights four action areas that a Biden-Harris administration should give more attention to.

To keep guns out of prohibited individuals, Everytown recommends a universal background checks system and strengthening the current system. Additionally, the group demands the shutting down of the “ ‘no-questions-asked’ marketplace for ghost gun parts and kits” through a mandatory background checks system for such components.

Everytown ignores that 90% of criminals acquire their firearms from the black market, out of reach of the background checks system. Additionally, most of the criminals are repeat offenders allowed to fall through the Justice System.

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The group also demands federal support for “community-based violence intervention programs.” The Bloomberg-owned group demands tens of millions in federal funding for such programs. They also demand police accountability and “equitable policing,” publication of gun source data, and regulation of FFLs.

Everytown affiliates such as Moms Demand Action have declared police-related shootings as gun violence and endorsed the “defunding the police” movement.

Everytown also suggests the healing of a “traumatized country by making schools safe, confronting armed hate and extremism, preventing suicide, and centering and supporting survivors of gun violence.”

Lastly, Everytown recommends a “firearms data project” and “modern gun technology” to protect Americans from unintentional shootings.

Essentially, Everytown supports collecting gun-related data and publication of the same for public consumption. Gun control groups are hungry for gun-related data, including the firearm trace data used by law enforcement. The groups want public access to ATF’s data despite the information being too sensitive for public release or unsuitable for public policymaking.

Biden already admitted that the use of executive action was limited, especially on contentious gun-control issues. However, gun-control groups do not care what Biden could do legally, they want what they want, and they want it now.


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