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Facebook Blocks "Complex Entities Interactions" For Conservative and Libertarian Users

Facebook restricted specific individuals perceived as being political from commenting on groups and pages. However, the ban has nothing to do with the violation of community standards.

Facebook anticipates that there will be chaos and civil unrest regardless of who wins the elections. Consequently, the social media behemoth intends to keep political activity to the minimum.

On trying to post, Facebook warns that the account was “restricted from complex entities interactions” for either one or two months.

"my cousin had his restricted. Had an active podcast with a large following that dealt mostly with civil liberties, 2nd Amendment, constitutionalism, and pro-Republican," said Joe, a member of our Facebook group.

Other individuals say that Facebook has hidden their content from their audience and followers.

Libertarian political ideology was also censored on Facebook.

“I just got mine today. No clue why, unless being a libertarian isn’t allowed on Facebook anymore,” a Redditor posted.

“I own Uprise Armory and admin Hoplite Armor’s page as well. We’re not allowed to reply to comments and assist customers. Among other restrictions,” another Redditor said.

Our Facebook group admins have been barred and cannot comment on any posts, including those we posted.

Ordinarily, Facebook would warn you of violating its standards if you posted something offensive. However, this appears not to be the case. Regardless of how civil your political discussion is, Facebook will restrict you from posting on Facebook groups if it deems your content to be political.

It is unclear whether liberal commentators are affected by Facebook's arbitrary ban. Given Facebook's bias, this is another attempt by the tech colossus to censor conservative voices while allowing opposing liberal ideology to run unchecked.

Earlier, Facebook announced it would restrict political ads one week to the election.

"This election is not going to be business as usual," Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook. "We all have a responsibility to protect our democracy. That means helping people register and vote, clearing up confusion about how this election will work, and taking steps to reduce the chances of violence and unrest."

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The social media colossus also widened the restrictions to cover news outlets that broadcast affiliated news, such as the Wall Street Journal.

"As we head into election season in the U.S., we recognize that there are a growing number of news publications that are connected with different types of political entities, including political parties, PACs, politicians, and other organizations that can primarily engage in the influence of public policy or elections," Facebook's press statement read.

The social media giant also updated its terms and conditions, giving it the authority to remove any content, even if it didn't violate community standards, to protect itself from legal liability.

With the social media giant working on overdrive to remove as many posts as possible, we believe it opted for a blanket ban on individuals perceived as "political."

You don't have to break any laws to fall under this category. Even worse, with the new terms and conditions that you agreed to by default, Facebook has the authority to block any content, whether it breaks the community standards or not.

Facebook's actions influence the outcome of the elections. Preventing a section of society from having a civil discussion automatically allows the other side to peddle any form of misinformation.

If the social media giant wants to prevent other organizations from influencing the elections, neither should it. However, like every other left-leaning organization, it adopts double standards.

Tech giants such as Facebook wield too much power.


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