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Father Who Found a Pedophile in His Teenage Daughter’s Room Charged with Assault for Firing

Prosecutors said the father crossed the line after firing at a pedophile who ventured into his 14-year-old daughter’s room at midnight in Coweta County, Georgia. Ismail Casillas rushed to retrieve a firearm when the suspect, Keywontrezes Humphries, jumped out of the window. Casillas pursued the intruder beating him senselessly, choking him, and knocking off some teeth. The prosecutors said the beating was justified under Georgia’s stand your ground laws.

However, Casillas fired several shots past the sexual predator as he tried to escape down the street while threatening to kill him. The prosecutors determined that Humphries, also known as “man man,” was no longer a threat at that time, and Casillas broke the law.

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Although they sympathized with his rage, the prosecutors said shooting at the fleeing suspect was unnecessary and excessive. Because of the age difference between the daughter and the suspect, Humphries will face charges of child molestation. The teenage girl described Humphries as “her boyfriend,” thus hinting of an ongoing relationship with a minor.

An honorable father will abandon his family and go to jail because of the actions of a criminal. Any parent would have acted the same, or worse, had they found a grown man in their underage girl’s room in at midnight. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Casillas will face a complicated case to make.


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