Florida Homeowner Fatally Shoots Two Armed Burglars and Injures Another

A homeowner shot and killed two home-invasion suspects when they tried to break his house at midnight. The homeowner was playing video games when he heard his laundry glass door shattering at 12:43 am.

The victim grabbed his Glock 9mm pistol and pulled the trigger after encountering a suspect adorned in dark clothes and a ski mask, who pointed a gun at him. He saw another armed suspect down the hallway and fired again, killing him on the spot. A third suspect was struck and sustained moderate injuries.

The victim’s gun jammed, and he rushed to grab his Kriss Vector 10mm, allowing the third suspect to escape. However, a neighbor held him at gunpoint, preventing him from getting away.

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Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said the second suspect had fired his gun before he was taken down. Sheriff Chris Nocco said the incident was a targeted robbery. The homeowner said the criminals knew he had many guns and could have been the reason for the invasion.

The two dead suspects, Luis Casado and Khyle Durham, both 21 years old, were known to the homeowner, and both had criminal records. One of the suspects, Durham, had a long history of crime including auto burglary, battery, resisting arrest, trespassing, and violating probation. Casado had faced charges of fleeing from an officer, DUI, resisting arrest, and marijuana possession.

The third suspect in custody, Jeremiah Trammel, 19, will face home invasion and second-degree murder charges for committing a felony leading to the death of two people. Trammel said he was not involved in the robbery but had traveled with the suspects who planned on robbing the house. He said he only entered the house to investigate after hearing the gunshots.

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