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Gallup Poll: Americans’ Appetite For Gun Control Is The Lowest It Has Been Since 2016

A Gallup poll found that most Democrats support stricter gun laws while a "record low" number of Republicans support such measures. The poll also found that the election season further polarized the country on the issue, causing more Republicans to oppose the idea.

According to the survey, only 22% of Republicans welcomed stricter gun laws compared to 85% of the Democrats. The report authors indicated that the 63-point difference between parties was the "highest on record" for the past two decades.

Republicans' support for stricter gun control laws fell by 14% from 2019. It was also the "lowest for the group over the past 20 years," according to Gallup. Contrarily, support for more gun control among the Democrats and the Independents was "near the highest recorded" for 20 years.

Overall, Americans were less likely to support gun control than they've done since 2016. Consequently, 2020 recorded the lowest endorsement of gun control laws since the last election. On average, 57% of Americans supported stricter gun regulations, a 7% decrease from 2019.

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Demographically, 67% of women favor stricter gun laws, while 4% support less strict regulations. The rest do not endorse any changes to the existing laws.

Contrarily, 46 and 15% of American men support stricter and less strict gun laws, respectively. Thirty-nine (39%) did not endorse any changes.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of city residents support stricter laws, while 6% want less strict ones. Only 45% of rural Americans wanted stricter laws.

The support of stricter gun control laws was stronger in the East, with 68% supporting such measures. Ten percent (10%) of Eastern residents wanted less strict regulations. In the south, 49% sought stricter laws, while 6% wanted less strict rules. Forty-five percent (45%) did not support any changes.

The support for banning handguns was the lowest in the past 40 years, with just 25% of Americans supporting the move.

The report authors concluded that "Americans’ Appetite For Gun Control Is The Lowest It Has Been Since 2016."

Previous surveys found that Americans were worried about their safety during the pandemic and the riots. This feeling was shared among all Americans regardless of their political affiliations.

These concerns led to increased firearm ownership and falling demand for gun control. Anti-gun activists had a challenging task of convincing Americans that disarming them was for their safety.


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