GOP Lawmakers: Citizens Have The Right to Overthrow a Tyrannical Government

Republican Representatives Andy Biggs (AZ-5) and Chip Roy (TX-21) stressed that gun rights were not solely for self-defense against criminals, but also for defending liberty from a tyrannical government. Biggs reiterated that private gun ownership was the last was the final bulwark against tyranny.

Chip Roy echoed the same sentiments. Referring to recent comments about “taking people’s guns away”, Roy mentioned that the second amendment protects the rights of citizens to defend themselves against a government that sought to take away their natural rights to defend themselves.

The two spoke at a Capitol Hill event where victims of gun violence had shown up in support of the Second Amendment. The victims opposed gun control due to its ramifications on public safety. Among them was J.T Lewis, the father of a 6-year old killed in Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, and who was credited with saving lives.

Another victim, Tony Perkins, recanted how an armed man entered the Family Research Council offices with the intention of killing innocent civilians. Perkins explained how the tough DC gun control laws failed to prevent the shooter from obtaining a gun and ammunition used during the attack.

Both Biggs and Roy have been critical of the recently passed gun control legislation on the grounds of infringement of the second amendment. Biggs had repeatedly warned that the gun control laws would ultimately allow the government to confiscate peoples guns. The Arizona Congressman had also protested the double standards in the bill that prevented the same laws from preventing lawbreakers such as illegal aliens from procuring firearms. Biggs termed the laws as unworkable.

Similarly, Roy had protested the regulations and sworn that he would not register his firearm with the federal government. Biggs and Roy have persisted efforts in fighting the recently passed Background Checks Act and the “Red Flags” laws.

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