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Gov. Mike Parson Gives A Definitive Answer On The Fate Of The McCloskeys If Convicted

Governor Mike Parson clarified whether he would actually pardon Michael and Patricia McCloskey if convicted of gun charges manufactured by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Gov. Parson's initial offer of "considering pardoning" them was unconvincing to most Americans.

"You don't know until you hear all the facts and all that, but right now, if this is all about going after them because they did a lawful act, yeah, if that scenario ever happened, I don't think they're gonna spend any time in jail," Gov. Parson initially said during a local radio interview.

However, after Gardner announced new charges, Gov. Parson issued a more definitive answer promising that he would "certainly pardon" the McCloskeys.

"We'll let it play out and see how this all comes out in the courts, but I stand by what I said," Gov. Parson said on Wednesday.

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A grand jury indicted the couple on charges of evidence tampering while still facing felony use of firearms charges.

Initial evidence showed that the pistol displayed by Ms. Patricia was inoperable during the incident. However, Gardner ordered a crime lab to disassemble and reassemble the weapon before it was declared "readily capable of lethal use," according to documents obtained by 5 On Your Side.

The documents show the gun was incorrectly assembled and could not fire. However, the crime lab experts correctly assembled test fired it.

The prosecutor will have to prove that the weapon was lethal to have posed a threat during the incident. Most people believe the case was politically instigated, given that Missouri has the Castle Doctrine, which allows the use of lethal force in protecting lives and property. Some of the protesters received citations for trespassing on private property during the incident.

President Trump also defended the couple, saying the couple's property would have been "totally ransacked and probably burned down like they tried to burn down churches."

The couple appeared during the Republican National Convention, where Ms. McCloskey warned Americans that they could face the same fate for doing something perfectly legal.


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