Gov. Phil Murphy Is Under Everytown’s Thumb According To Obtained Emails

Everytown For Gun Safety, the gun control group that uses anti-gun advocacy as a political tool to control politicians has New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy under its thumb. This is according to email communication between the gun control group and the governor obtained by AmmoLand News.

Factually, AmmoLand determined that Gov. Murphy and the gun control group exist symbiotically. This raises serious questions about Gov. Murphy’s independence in serving New Jerseyites. This form of codependent relationship only ensures that Gov. Murphy cannot maintain neutrality when his gun control overlords at Giffords, Everytown, and its affiliates such as Moms Demand Action, come calling.

In preparation for June 5, weirdly name “Gun Violence Awareness Day,” Capital Impact Group Vice President of Public Affairs and Everytown’s Lobbyist Paul Crupi wrote a letter to Phil Murphey’s Chief Counsel Mathew Platkin. Crupi wanted Gov. Murphy to direct elected officials to wear an orange ribbon and post social messages for the day.

“The social media post would be scripted and everything would be coordinated through Everytown,” part of the email reads.

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Everytown also requested emails from the governor possibly to direct the officials on how to proceed with the Murphy-sanctioned social media campaign if he obliged. From the look of things, Everytown was already very expecting compliance and did not expect a “NO” from their powerful proxy in the government.

The back and forth communication also shows that Everytown and other gun control groups work with Gov. Murphy’s aides as if they were members of a department within the government. In fact, Murphy’s Chief Counsel was assigning the governor’s Communication Director Mahen to handle the social media campaign.

Unsurprisingly, Governor Murphy followed through with the request to the letter. He acknowledged June 5 as the “National Gun Violence Awareness Day” and dressed as directed by Everytown during the June 5 Coronavirus media briefing and also while announcing the nomination of Fabiana Pierre-Loius as an associate Justice in the New Jersey Supreme Court. He also went a step further and wore a matching orange tie and pocket square.

“I'm wearing orange, many of us are wearing orange today just to remind folks that today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day,” Murphy said during the Coronavirus media briefing.

He also followed through with the social media campaign by tweeting in solidarity with the gun control group.

“On #GunViolenceAwarenessDay, we #WearOrange in solidarity with victims & survivors of gun violence. We’ve fought like hell to enact commonsense gun safety laws in NJ and we won’t stop until our kids, our communities & the country we love are free from the scourge of gun violence.”

It is evident that Murphy is a good servant of the gun control groups and cannot dare to oppose them if New Jerseyites demanded a different approach from the gun control groups.

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