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Group Hiring Republicans To Push Gun Control In South Carolina

A gun-control group in South Carolina has resorted to employing Republicans and aides to former prominent Republicans to push its anti-gun agenda.

The Southern Group, which lobbies for companies like Duke Energy and Verizon, is currently working with Everytown for Gun Safety. The Bloomberg-funded group spent millions supporting different politicians expecting repayment in the form of more gun control.

The group’s head, DeWitt Zemp, is a career politician, having spent over three decades in S.C. public life and joining the Southern Group in 2007. He worked as President George W. Bush’s regional political representative and director of financial management and planning.

He also worked and Trump’s advisor to the U.S. State Department. He met President Trump for direct and highly secretive discussions, one such visit taking place on July 26, 2017.

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The group recently hired Andy Patrick, a career politician who served as a two-term House representative. He also trying running for Congress in 2013 and failed. However, he would not mind a few bucks from Everytown at the expense of the South Carolinians’ safety or constitutional rights.

The close association with former Republican politicians is a ploy by the gun control group to use them as conduits to influence other money-hungry politicians.

Despite its attempts to position itself in good graces with turncoat Republicans, the gun control lobby lost important connections in the S.C. legislature. Kit Spires lost the Republican primaries on June 9, 2020, closing an important avenue for the gun control group.

Similarly, Nancy Mace decided against seeking S.C. House re-election, instead choosing to run for Congress. Although she won, her absence in the S.C House will deny the anti-gunners the necessary intermediaries to do their bidding.

The most distinct characteristic of all these politicians is that they are all Republicans fraternizing with people who intend to erode the constitutional rights of South Carolinians. It shows that there is not a single turncoat RINO that gun control blood money cannot influence.


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