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Gun Control Advocate Arrested for Shooting Campaign Treasurer

A female gun control advocate, Kellie Collins, is behind bars after shooting and killing her campaign treasurer, Curtis Cain, at their Georgia apartment. Ms. Collins had run for Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District, and police say that it is possible the two were married. Despite her anti-gun stance, the former candidate owned a firearm of her own.

Ms. Kelly faces murder and grand larceny charges. The former Tenth Congressional District candidate had also tried to cover up the murder, which became clear after Cain failed to show up for work, thus triggering a wellness check on him by authorities.

Ms. Collins was not alone in the list of gun-control activists who have been arrested. An Illinois gun-control activist Rep. Donne Trotter ended up in police custody after trying to sneak gun on a plane. Trotter had continuously voted against concealed carry.

Similarly, California’s Senator Leland Yee was arrested after he tried to sell a gun to an FBI agent acting as an international arms smuggler. Yee had accepted $6,800 for trafficking illegal arms into the Philippines. The two not only operated firearms but also tried to break the law using the same.

In one other tragic story, Ashley Auzenne killed her three children and herself in a murder-suicide following a divorce. Ms. Auzennen was an active member of Mom's Demand Action here in Texas.

Other gun-control advocates have openly admitted to owning weapons for self-defense. California Senator Dianne Feinstein admitted to owning a gun after feeling that her life was in danger. If her gun-control ideas came to effect, people who felt threatened like her, would have to spend a few days before being able to buy a firearm. Michael Bloomberg has continuously admitted his hatred for guns; however, he admits owning one for defense.

Pro-gun activists have always accused gun-control advocates of being insincere with their push for more gun control. It has always proven ineffective in stopping any sort of violent crime across the United States, and only serves to control the population.

Join LSGR today and help us not only prevent any more infringements on our rights from becoming law, but also to help us repeal what is currently on the books. Sign our petition against gun control, and help us deliver your powerful voice directly to the desks of those who seek more control over us. We will not let these infringements stand.

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