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Gun Control Failed To Stop Chicago Shooter Wishing To "Blow Up The Whole Community”

The Chicago criminal responsible for the murder of five people was a repeat offender who posted disturbing content on social media, admitting his obsession with murder. Jason Nightengale, 32, published videos on Facebook and YouTube promising to “blow up the whole community.”

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown described the shooter as “a Black male offender we now.” Nightengale was a typical criminal committing crime against his community, a fact that the media loves sweeping under the carpet.

Relatives said that “he was fighting some demons” and that he had “some problems.” The suspect had previously been arrested for drug violation, firearm possession, domestic battery, aggravated assault, and driving-related violations.

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By all means, the suspect should not have owned a firearm. However, neither Chicago nor Illinois gun control, including the Red Flag Law, managed to disarm the criminal before going on a rampage.

Ironically, the law only managed to disarm the victims who abided by the gun control laws and were unwittingly left without self-defense options. This situation allowed Nightengale’s murderous escapades to last for four hours and spread for about ten miles.

Had the culprit been in a gun-friendly state like Texas, a law-abiding gun owner would have shut him down within a few minutes.

Despite gun control’s failure, police officers neutralized the criminal after taking a woman hostage at IHOP in Evanston. However, the incident proved that you cannot always rely on the police for safety, given how long they took to catch up with the criminal.

Victims of Nightengale’s shooting were random people, including a Chinese exchange student at the University of Chicago. Supt. Brown said that the criminal shot “a female and security guard sitting at the desk in the building” he stormed into.

The woman who was collecting mail was left critically injured while the guard died on the spot. Nightengale also shot dead a 29-year-old customer after announcing a robbery at a convenience store.

An 81-year-old woman in the store and a 15-year-old girl driven by her mother in a separate incident were critically injured. Two of the seriously injured victims died later, pushing the number of those slain to five.

Worse still, the media gave the incident a blackout because it did not promote the leftist narrative of a “typical shooter.”


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