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Gun Control Failure: Illinois Felon Somehow Obtained 3 Firearms

EDITOR'S NOTE: We at LSGR believe that everyone has the natural right to bear arms, including felons who have been released from incarceration. This story is simply to illustrate that gun control never works.

Neighbors in Lake County, IL reported a man acting strangely and yelling at an imaginary intruder, asking for neighbors’ assistance with the supposed intruder. According to the reports, the man was armed with a firearm and a flashlight. The following day, officers obtained a search warrant and recovered the three firearms from his house.

The man in question, George L. Silva, is a convicted felon. According to proponents of gun control legislation, he should not have been able to obtain any firearm due to the extended background check systems, and laws prohibiting felons from possessing firearms. Regardless, Silva was in possession of an SKS rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a semi-automatic pistol.

The police took the man into custody on three counts of illegal possession of firearms. He appeared on court and the judge released him on a $50,000 bond, awaiting a future appearance on December 18.

Illinois scores a B+ in gun control, which by all standards is a good rating for the gun control advocates. According to this score, Illinois should be a very safe state. It would be unthinkable that a convicted felon with a revoked Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID), another Illinois gun control invention that is required for any resident to be able to simply purchase a firearm, would be able to be in possession of so many.

While the state lags California in gun control, it still has some of the most draconian legislation on gun possession.

Various legislators have pointed out that enacting restrictive gun control laws does not prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. Another recent, yet tragic, example of this is the story of Hakim Dumas out of Slidell, LA, who was arrested after defending his son from being kidnapped. Mr. Dumas was also a convicted felon, and even the Sheriff's Office and District Attorney stated the shooting was 100% justified, though they are charging him with felon in possession of a firearm.

While Mr. Silva was by all accounts a strange individual, our position is that his only crime was disturbing the peace. No body was threatened or harmed during his late-night escapades.

Here in Texas, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is trying to follow Illinois' example by pushing universal background checks. He won't be eligible for reelection until 2022, so we need all of the ammunition possible to get Constitutional Carry passed in 2021! Our $5 postcard campaign is an easy way to support LSGR while also sending a strong message directly to Dan Patrick.

Other ways to help our fight are to become a member of Lone Star Gun Rights. Membership includes amazing discounts with our partners, such as AR500 Armor and MyMedic. Also, signing our petition against gun control will definitely help deliver a message to everyone in Austin when we deliver them to committee rooms in Austin. Your support is needed more than ever. Dan Patrick is a threat to our rights, and we need to not only stop him from passing gun control next session, but also force him to support restoring our rights with Constitutional Carry.

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