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"Gun-Sense" Matthew McConaughey's Texas Gubernatorial Bid Impresses the Anti-Gun Media

Hollywood has no shortage of celebrities who believe their opinion on gun ownership is superior to everybody else's because they’re celebrities.

Like other Hollywood critters, Matthew McConaughey is a gun-hating celebrity who attempts to conceal his support for gun control.

Despite his posturing as pro-2A, he still supports universal background checks and banning modern sporting rifles and "large-capacity" magazines.

Unfortunately, his perceived leftist-centrist views convinced some Texans that he would not pursue aggressive gun control like other Texan Democrats. It seems that the anti-gun media has grabbed this opportunity to bump his gubernatorial prospects for a potential Texas takeover.

The CBS This Morning recently promoted McConaughey’s bid for Texas governor through its guest celebrity Drew Barrymore who described him as the “Next Ronald Reagan.”

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“He has done it all. And I think about Ronald Reagan and how he was the beloved GOP poster gentleman," Barrymore said. "And he himself was a famous Hollywood actor. I think Matthew McConaughey is intelligent. He's empathic. He has a ton of pride. Let's start in Texas see where it goes.”

Drew feigned ignorance about which party McConaughey would run on, claiming that the Texas Democratic Party said it would welcome him should he choose to run on its platform.

She also advised him against running as an Independent, noting that an unaffiliated candidate would split the votes.

McConaughey’s support for gun control is an open secret. In 2018 he participated in the March for Our Lives event, which he claimed was “against assault rifles, against unlimited magazines and for following up on the regulations."

He also said that banning “assault weapons” was a “no brainer” and advised gun owners to “take one for the team,” referring to compromising on their rights.

In October 2020, he blamed firearm accessibility for illegal gun usage, claiming that the samurai sword was more revered than guns.

If McConaughey decided to run on the Republican ticket as a RINO, he must challenge Greg Abbott, whose position on the Second Amendment is straight.

Unlike the incumbent, McConaughey is just a trojan horse and would not protect the Second Amendment if won the Texas gubernatorial seat.


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